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The Cast Of Toolshed

Rivet Tool

Rivet's the main character. She's an apprentice gadgeteer working under her father. But what she really wants to do is explore the world outside of The City. New countries and places are being discovered all the time and that's what she wants to be involved in.


Jack Hammer

Jack is Rivet's childhood friend. He works for his father's delivery company. He doesn't want to be in deliveries the rest of his life, but he doesn't really know what he does want to do, so he's happy enough being where he is for now.


Carburetta Jaguar

Carburetta's a client of Rivet's. She comes from a wealthy family and pretty much does whatever she likes. Her hobby is to dress up, and at the moment she's font of bees, so she's had Rivet make her several sets of mechanical wings so she can hover around.


Jade Stone

Jade's family is ex-nobility and she doesn't let anyone forget it. Her mother is from one of the newly discovered countries, her father met her when he was a key member of The Explorers. Jade enjoys using her ethnicity as an excuse to wear unique clothes. She's a very spoilt child and can become incredibly vindictive if she doesn't get her own way.


Thane Parker

Thane is a member of The Explorers. He's been a key member for a while despite his young age. His family is close with Jade's family, they have dinner parties and hang out and talk about how great it is to be wealthy.


Andy Tool - Rivet's Father. A Master Gadgeteer, he runs his own gadget store in the industrial area of The City.

Valet Parker - Jade's closest friend, although she is treated more like a servant. Valet is Thane's little sister. She's a very softspoken girl and no one really knows that much about her.

Estwing Hammer - Jack Hammer's 15-year-old sister. She devotes her life to annoying Jack.

The Explorers - An organisation created in order to explore the world beyond The City. They did a lot of groundwork 20 years ago establishing connections with new countires. Now they deal with establishing trade and are working on developing travel for leisure between these newly discovered countries.


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